Reclaim Your Authentic Self

Roots Holistic Therapy is for those who are ready to transform their lives from their Root up. Those who are for the most part aware of the things that happened in the past and are now ready to heal it in the here and now through a holistic, multi-dimensional & exclusive approach.

Our goal is that you find balance in your masculine and feminine energies, innerpower & connection with all there is, and that you will continue to walk the labyrinth of your life with trust and love from your authenticity.

Roots Holistic Therapy

Reclaim your Authentic Self

About me

Diantha Vrede

"I often wondered why certain things happened to me.

I now know that my journey has led me to " Roots Holistic Therapy.

About me

Diantha Vrede

"I often wondered why certain things happened to me.

I now know and it has led me to Roots Holistic Therapy.


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Roots Holistic Retreats
Therapy / Coaching

Samenvatting van de behandelingen


We recently bought a house and have been doing work in the house for about 2 months. We have said from the first moment on, before we really move in, our home must be cleansed of negative energies. You hear stories about this here and there and then you are glad that there are people who can do this in the right way for you. Diantha is one of these people. We have experienced her and her abilities as very positive. We were taken through the entire process to feel as much as possible ourselves and to become one with our house. After cleansing, we really felt at home! We advise everyone to have their home cleaned by Diantha.

F. Vrede

I have been participating in workshops and healing sessions since I was 5 years old but the love and stillness I witnessed and experienced during my workshop with Diantha of Roots Holistic Therapy was a true gift.

Her work flows and is not rigid. Nothing is expected and everything is welcome for healing. She leaves so much room for your unfolding which made everyone in the group, no matter how they came in, feel their oneness and feel accepted and loved from within themselves. This feeling could be felt and shared.

My Reikie session helped me integrate all the messages and activations I was receiving during the workshop, as Diantha guided gently and effortlessly towards clarity.

I left feeling HERE. NOW! That is priceless and beyond further description.

Wholeness. Gratitude


Before I registered for the Roots Holistics Retreat, I had a nice telephone conversation with Diantha. From the first moment I immediately had a good feeling about Diantha. She understood me very well and gave me the feeling that I was taking the right step in my healing journey. She gave so much spiritual insight & information that made me even more enthousiastic about the retreat. On the first day of the retreat / the first meeting with Diantha it was as if I already knew her -> it was a nice and open welcome. Diantha has a calming, wise and trusting appearance. I immediately felt at home. Diantha ensures that you feel safe and you are ready to heal and let go. A great woman with alot of strength and wisdom.

C. Gravenbeek

The retreat was absolutely amazing. Words truly run short, but I’ll try to explain. The retreat felt like coming home, from the cozy house, the beautiful nature, the nourishing home cooked meals and the beautiful souls I got to meet.

Secondly, Diantha has this amazing way of guiding you in the way you NEED to be guided. May that be a nudge or a kick under the butt, she always does it out of love. I came in seeking answers, afterwards I realized that subconsciously I really just wanted someone to tell me what my blockages are, how to start my journey, what my journey is and how to heal in general. That was exactly where Diantha came in beautifully, she didn’t just hand me the answers. She guided me in finding them within myself.

I learned to trust the wisdoms that reside within myself, I learned about blockages in my body and how to connect to my inner child.

Be ready to open your mind, try to let go. You will receive what you need which is the most valuable thing you could ever ask for. If I can give you a piece of advice, if you feel drawn to this retreat, trust that feeling. It will exceed all of your expectations.

D. Jackson

The retreat was a very nice experience for me to step out of my comfort zone and connect dieper with myself. Diantha has provided me with many tools to get started with my healing journey and removed blockages. She has a very nice way of working and gives you a warm, safe and uplifting feeling.

S. Kensenhuis

I am not exaggerating when I say the retreat is something that I will remember forever. It quite literally changed so much for me, but thats not to say that Diantha is going to do the work for you. “Come as you are” is how this retreat presented itself to me, my initial contact with Diantha felt so genuine that I knew I had to go to this retreat. Diantha is there to guide you, but she knows that only YOU can do the work. I believe that is the divine power of a healer, to gently pass the tools whenever the recipient is ready, and Diantha does just that.

I made beautiful connections, was able to heal (or realize what I need to work with rather than work ON), nutritious food that will fill your soul and energy levels will be booming. Not to mention the gorgeous location and peaceful surroundings. This is something that everyone has to experience in their lifetime, when they feel called and ready and TRUST Diantha will come to you when you are ready too.

F. Aldhukair

After much deliberation, read: not wanting to face my pain and blockages, I finally decided to do a Back to your roots session.

My first feeling after the treatment: I SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE !! Diantha’s Back to your Roots session is magic.

The treatment consists of a therapy/comversation and the removal of blockages. Diantha creates a relaxed, safe atmosphere, so that I dared to reveal myself completely. She asks the right questions that will help you get closer to your core and face blockages, even blocks that you think are not blocking you.

The treatment has done me very well.

Thanks again Diantha!

G. Komproe

Roots holistic retreat was my first retreat and it blew my mind. The nature around the house looks beautifull and it immediately gave me a good and peacefull vibe.

I started talking with the first group members and the vibe was so good, we became roommates. Little by little all the group members came in and we were continuely talking. I felt so comfortable and enthousiastic about all the beautifull souls that were surrounding me. The honest feelings and stories that were shared made me feel at home. I felt that I could be open and let myself go to fully emerge in my own healing. In the evening we had dinner and it tasted amazing. Not only was it flavourfull and vegan but there was more than enough. After a very joyfull, meaningfull dinner we had soul gazing session and we received our goodiebags. This session was powerfull and I was blown away by the things I discovered from myself.

That night I slept like a rose, I didn't even notice that I was sleeping in my own bed. The emotions i felt during this retreat were deep, they commended to be felt and trauma claimed to be seen and heard. When i look back at this retreat i go back to myself. Back to peace. Back to healing. Back to freedom. Because it has been a while since i felt this type of freedom. To unplug from your responsibilties and realize the you are your only responsibility you need to work on in your own time. On the last day i felt a little bit of sadness but mostly gratitude. To have experienced what it feels like to unapologetically be yourself and really do the healing.

Everything from the food to, the venue, the soulsisters, momma and Diantha were amazing. They showed me that i need to follow my heart and everything will align in divine order and timing. When your spirit tells you this is for you ... follow it.


Luv & light


Six months ago I got a serious burnout. I was under alot of stress, alot of emotions that I couldn't place and I was overworked. I couldn't figure it out. Diantha put me on the right track and guided me through coaching . Her distance reiki treatment is definitely recommended. She has relieved and removed many blockages. I also started meditating on her advice, which helps me get through my day up until now.

I am very grateful for her and will certainly continue with this.

J. Tseng

Ter voorbereiding voor een plantmedicijn ceremonie heb ik Diantha benaderd voor een sessie om onder andere blokkades op te heffen. Voordat de sessie begint maakt ze even een babbeltje. Diantha stelt je op je gemak en het lijkst alsof je haar al jaren kent. That’s the vibe she creates!

When she finished the session I felt very zen and sleepy, I felt really, really relaxed. I actually wanted to take a nap. After I recovered, she laid cards for me, with an intention. They told me what I was allowed to work on at that time or issues that I was allowed to tackle, etc. That was very nice and everything was right.

I definitely recommend Diantha!

F. Cairo

After years of walking at the physiotherapist and having done everything else imaginable, I decided to turn to Diantha for help with my pain complaints (pelvis and lower back). She indicated that she could send Reiki energy from a distance and in this way to help me get rid of my complaints. No sooner said than done.

After the session she gave me feedback on what blockages she encountered and has removed. She also gave me some tips. Every day after the treatment the pain subsided and within a week I was totally pain free. Until today.

I am forever grateful to her and the reiki energy.

F. Walker

Let's say that the frequency at which you normally should receive messages is still unknown to you, but you now meet someone who, with your permission, knows how to receive these messages on your behalf and who can translate them and concretize them for you.

Her name is Diantha and this is what she can do for you, among other things. I am a fan of Diantha's accurate, personal, beautiful, selfless and unique way of working. It is truly HER way of shining light on your path and on your being.

Be prepared for a spiritual manual with what to do and how you can best deal with it in order to learn to receive the messages yourself and thus walk your path in the best possible way.

Fabian Strijder

This was my first ever reiki massage / treatment. I was not sure what to expect, so I secretly had a little nervousness, which took Diantha away almost immediately with her calm and warm approach.

I was soon in a state that I can only describe as "between pure rest and sleep". The messages I was being told came in and gave me insight so that I could act as desired.

Certainly not the last time I will accept a treatment from this beautiful woman.

Jennifer Muntslag

Diantha is a very skilled Reiki Master. She knows what she's talking about, puts you at ease, is friendly and accessible. After my treatment I immediately felt calmer and she told me what I can do to be more in balance. Really recommended!!

Esther Koppelaar

Although I have experience with Reiki treatments, I only experienced the effect with Diantha.

She applied Reiki remotely when I had a pain attack. The effect could be felt in real time and I have never experienced such pain again. Diantha's spiritual authority is calming and still with me.

During illness with my 2 year old daughter, her Reiki treatment helped to clear the fever.

The peace was felt in her afterwards, which allowed the healing to accelerate.

I am really looking forward to the following treatments.

I highly recommend Roots Holistic Therapy!



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