About me

I am a mother, daughter, sister and a friend, raised in a loving family. I had a wonderful youth. I have Surinamese roots and grew up in The Netherlands and The United States and enjoyed spending time with my friends and family. My parents were always up for an adventure, they were not afraid of anything. They taught me to take risks in life and not to doubt myself. Because of this and much more, I am very grateful to them.

'The beginning'

In my teens I got my first period. I was dealing with heavy pain for the first time in my life. Pain that the doctors said that came with the territory, especially since many women experienced it too. They advised me to take the birth control pill to regulate my period and for the pain I was allowed to take painkillers. This is how my period started every month. I started to prepare myself mentally and physically for "that time of the month". When I was in my twenties I was diagnosed with endometriosis; the presence of uterine lining outside the uterine cavity. This resulted in pain, cysts and adhesions. I had the feeling that I no longer knew my own body. The illness left me depressed and stressed, leading to unemployment, losing social contacts, and relationship problems. A lot happened in my body and in my life and at the time I didn't understand why this was happening to me. I couldn't and didn't want to continue like this. I decided to look for help.


I visited a psychologist and later a social worker, this was short-lived because I didn't feel it was doing anything for me. I received help and support from my immediate circle, but I realized that if I really wanted to change my life, I had to do it myself. I couldn't blame others for the things that went wrong in my life. I had to go deeper and start at the beginning; who am I, where am I from, where am I going and what do I want for myself? But I also thought about where everything came from that I knew & believed in since a young child. What had made me the person I had become, and was that really me? I started reading a lot of books, watched documentaries and became more and more immersed in people and in the world around us.

'A new chapter'

Our thoughts, religions, nature, cultures and the spiritual world, but also topics such as (self) love, ego and soul, chakras, the aura and more started to fascinate me. A new world opened up for me. I also started to study herbs and plants, specifically herbs that are beneficial for endometriosis and my body as a whole. In addition to tackling the holistic side myself, I also received medical help by visiting a hospital specialized in endometriosis. During my healing journey, I found myself undergoing tremendous spiritual growth. I had dreams that came true or with clear messages in them, intuitively I became stronger and I increasingly felt emotions and stimuli from other people. I started to convert what happened in and around me into poems, quotes and paintings. That had a deep healing effect on me. My gifts from Source were unleashed! At some point I realized I wanted to be there for people who needed help; the help I needed myself when I was looking for help. In addition to the knowledge and experience that I had already acquired myself, I decided to follow a deep healing course in addition to my own healing process. I also decided to get my Reiki I, II and Reiki master. I graduated as an holistic therapist and completed a basic Medical education


'A New Start'

From a young age I have learned a lot about the world, the people in it and life itsself and I am far from finished! I keep gaining knowledge and am constantly reflecting and mirroring my lifes experiences. The beauty of my journey is that I realize that I keep changing, growing and healing until I will journey on. How you deal with this, knowing which "tools" you have to your availability and how you can apply them to get out of the 'maze", is important in this journey. These things make life beautiful. You have the choice and power within yourself to take responsibility, break negative patterns and make the right choices for your mind, body and soul! I am proud and grateful for the journey I have made so far. For the ups and downs, the sadness and the joy, the laughing and the crying; for everything. As of today I am proud to say that I have no traces of endometriosis in my body. What I have experienced has made me who I am now, who I always was: a soul, whole and complete as I am.

I have often wondered why certain things have happened to me. I now know why.

It led me to Roots Holistic Therapy

"When the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind."

~ African Proverb